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Training and certification

A number of classes are held at our facility, including special events, for a wide variety of skills and interests. Due to small class sizes and scheduling commitments, refunds are not available.

For the most current schedule of classes, please call the range at 408-970-9870. For a partial list of events, see the events calendar.

Students may receive discounts associated with a particular class. See range staff for details.

Firearms are also available for rent for some courses. Prior arrangements required.

NRA Certified Instruction and California Hunter Education

For course details, contact Bill Tidwell, 510-552-4742.

NRA First Steps Evening Pistol Courses
2 (or 3) evenings, $155.00 (+$75.00 for 3rd evening).
Also includes the California Handgun Safety Certificate test (optional).
Classes are 6:30pm – 9:00pm.
California Handgun Safety Certificate
NRA First Steps Rifle Course
NRA Introduction to Shotgun Course (Note: This is not an NRA Certified Course)
California Hunter Education
  • Traditional Course
  • On-line Follow Up Course
    $15.00 (plus internet fees)
NRA Metallic Cartridge Reloading Course

More information about the instructor, Bill Tidwell...

Instructor website:

Firearms Training & Tactics with Donald Lazzarini

All classes begin promptly at 8:30 am.

Handgun and General Tactics:

Stage 1: 1 day Defensive Handgun Safety and Manipulation
Geared towards those with little or no shooting experience. Includes handgun safety, draw, basics of marksmanship, and more. $300.00 View complete course description (PDF) »

Stage 2: 2 day Basic Defensive Handgun
Includes clearing malfunctions, movement, intro to 3D targets, tactical and speed loads, moving targets, and more. $500.00 View complete course description (PDF) »

Stage 3: 1 day Close-Quarters Defensive Handgun
$300.00 Includes use of handgun at very close range as well as defense against handgun in tight quarters.
View complete course description (PDF) »

Stage 4: 1 day Low-Light Defensive Handgun
Includes various and appropriate lighting techniques, developing marksmanship, and more. $300.00 View complete course description (PDF) »

Stage 5: 1 day Secondary Defensive Handgun
Includes the use of a secondary/backup handgun, and more. $300.00 View complete course description (PDF) »

Stage 6: 1 day Marksmanship Problem Solver Handgun
Includes diagnosis and correction of persistent marksmanship problems, and more. $300.00

Stage 7: 1 day Tactical Awareness
Designed to make the student more tactically aware of his/her surroundings in daily life. $300.00

Stage 8: 1 day Moving Targets Handgun

Stage 9: 2 day Defensive Handgun Tactics
Tactics and movement in various scenarios and environments (home, building, urban), one and two-person, using live both fire and force-on-force Airsoft.

Stage 10: 2 day Home Defensive Tactics
Covers why you should only attempt as a last resort, tactical movement, clearing, two-person tactics. “Live fire” with airsoft only.


Stage 2: 2 day Basic Defensive Shotgun
Facts and myths. Includes equipment, loading, stance, movement, multiple targets, team drills, and more. Covers all popular shotgun systems. View complete course description (PDF) »


Stage 1: 2 day Defensive Carbine
Includes function, zeroing, positions, loading, accessories, and target problems. View complete course description and application form  »


2 day Long Gun/Handgun Transitions
For carbine or shotgun. Includes handgun/flashlight transitions.

More information about the instructor, Don Lazzarini...


Jardine’s Custom

Jardine's Custom

John Jardine is a master pistolsmith who has enjoyed a well-deserved reputation for simply outstanding work. Firearms produced by Jardine's Custom are heirloom quality pieces of work. Made to be functional and reliable yet with attention to beauty and the fit and finish that customers expect in a truly custom-made firearm.

Jardine's 1911 Essentials
An 8 hour course designed to teach you cleaning, maintainence, diagnosis, performance, enhancements, and more. This class is sure to save anyone owning a 1911 pistol both time, and money. $200.00 View complete course description and application form  »

Private Instruction

By appointment. Call for details.

Semper Paratus Arms

Taught by a veteran of both the U.S Army and U.S Coast Guard, who has over 20 years of experience using the AR15 family of weapons. Having completed a deployment to the Middle East in support of operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom in 2005, he entered into the private sector working in Iraq and Afghanistan for over 6 years as an armorer/instructor for several large private military companies (Blackwater USA, Triple Canopy, Olive Group and SOC-SMG) supporting the Department of Defense and the Department of State. He has attended and completed numerous factory armorer courses from such companies as Beretta, Barrett, Colt, Dillon Aero, FNHUSA, Glock, Knights’ Armament, Remington, and Sig Sauer. He has also consulted with both SIONICS Weapons Systems, and Bravo Company USA

2 Day AR15 Armorer’s Course
All students will need to provide their own AR rifle/pistol for the course. At the conclusion of the course, all students should be able to assemble a fully functional weapon from parts. In addition they should be able to recognize common malfunctions, and be able to troubleshoot issues that are frequently encountered. This is course is not company or brand specific, and is applicable to almost all direct impingement system AR rifles and pistols. $350.00 View course description and application form  »

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