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Range facilities, firearm rentals, and storage



General Information

20 shooting positions in two bays, 25 yards long, each with industrial strength target hangers and state of the art back stops:
  • Reduced exposure to lead dust
  • Cleaner and safer
  • Reduced bullet impact noise
  • All pistol calibers now accepted – even the big boys!
Firearms available for rent.
Targets and ammunition available.
All shooters MUST read, fill out, and submit a
Rules and Release of Liability form.
Shooters under the age of 21 may shoot when accompanied by another experienced shooter that is over 21 with their own firearms. Shooters under 18 must be accompanied by a parent, and submit a Parental Release of Liability.
Foreign passports are not accepted as valid identification.
Classroom/conference room also available.

Range fees

1 shooter $16.00 per hour
2 shooters, one lane $20.00 per hour
Group Events Call the range for pricing and availability
New Purchases 1 hour free range time with firearm purchase. Call for details.

Range rules

Please refer to the Rules and Release of Liability.

Locker rentals

Store your firearm, accessories, etc. $20.00 per month, or $180.00 per year. Lockers are stored behind secure gate. Range staff will not keep locker keys – only the renter has the keys.
Try & Buy

Firearm rentals and purchases

Please note that firearms rentals are for two or more people, or a single person already in possession of a firearm. All shooters must have sufficient shooting experience, as determined by the range staff.

Only ammunition purchased at Reed’s may be used in any rental gun. Firearm rentals are also available for classes held at the range for an adjusted fee.

Rentals include firearms listed below. Other models are added regularly. If you don't see what you want, call the range – we may have it for rent.

If you rent a gun and decide to buy a similar model, ask about our Try & Buy program.

Manufacturer Model     Caliber
Les Baer Premier II .45 ACP
  Rental fee applied towards purchase!
Benelli Nova shotgun, 18" 12 ga.
Beretta 87 target .22
  M9A1, 4.9" 9mm
  PX4 Storm, 4" 9mm
Browning P35 High Power, 4-3/4" 9mm
  Buckmark .22 LR
  Buckmark Camper, 5.5" .22 LR
CZ 75b 9mm
  75 SP-01 9mm
  75b .40 SW
Glock 34 (Full size) 9mm
  17 (Full size), w/
Crimson Trace Laser Grip
  17 (Full size) 9mm
  19 (Compact) 9mm
  26 (Sub-compact) 9mm
  35 .40 SW
  22 (Full size) .40 SW
  23 (Compact) .40 SW
  27 (Sub-compact) .40 SW
  21 (Full size) .45 ACP
  21SF (Slim-frame) .45 ACP
  30 (Compact) .45 ACP
  36 (Slim-line) .45 ACP
& Koch
USP Fullsize 9mm
USP Compact 9mm
  USP Fullsize .40 SW
  USP Expert .45 ACP
  USP Expert .45 ACP
  USP Fullsize .45 ACP
  P2000 9mm
Kahr K9 9mm
Kimber Rimfire Target .22 LR
  Stainless Target 5" 9mm
  Ultra Carry II .45 ACP
  1911 TLE-RL .45 ACP
  Custom II Eclipse 5" .45 ACP
Remington 870, 18" bbl 12ga
Ruger 10/22 rifle .22 LR
  Various Mark III
Series handguns
.22 LR
  SR22, 3.5" .22 LR
  GP100, 4" .357 Mag./.38 Spl.
  SP101, 3" .357 Mag./.38 Spl.
  Vaquero, 5.5" .357 Mag./.38 Spl.
SIG Sauer P226R (Full size) 9mm
  P229R (Compact) 9mm
  P226R (Full size) .40 SW
  P220R .45 ACP
  Mosquito .22 LR
& Wesson
41, 5.5" .22
41, 7" .22 LR
  617, 4" .22 LR
  617, 6" .22 LR
  M&P, 4-1/4" 9mm
  M&P, 3.5" (Compact) 9mm
  M&P, 4.5" (Full size) .40 SW
  M&P, 5" (Full size) .45 ACP
  642, 1-7/8", w/
Crimson Trace Laser Grip
.357 Mag./.38 Spl.
  627, 5" .357 Mag./.38 Spl.
  67, 4" .38 Spl.
  60, 2" .38 Spl.
  629, 6" .44 Mag
  15/22 Rifle .22 LR
XD-9 3" (Sub-compact) 9mm
XD-9 4" (Service) 9mm
  XD-9, 5" (Tactical) 9mm
  1911-A1, 5" 9mm
  XD-40 3" (Sub-compact) .40 SW
  XD-40, 4" (Service) .40 SW
  XD-45 4" (Service) .45 acp
  XD-45, 5" (Tactical) .45 ACP
Walther P22, 3.4" .22 LR

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